Big Changes at Home

Volunteers working in our Shotwell Garden.

Target Hunger has been at our Shotwell location for about two and half years. Prior to our current warehouse, the organization operated out of an old school building. When Harvey hit, the building was damaged and no longer suitable to workfrom, and so we relocated operations to our current facility. Since moving in to 1260 Shotwell Street we have made several improvements, some of which have happened very recently!

We shared earlier in the year about the official opening of our Shotwell Garden – an above ground container garden that features 2,400 crates for planting, a 3,000 gallon rainwater catchment system, and a 72 square foot green house. We are happy to say that this garden is flourishing from the heat of summer with fresh produce leaving the garden and going directly into the homes of families who need it.

Creating Opportunity in the Warehouse

 Recently, our warehouse has seen a few changes as well due to a $426,000 grant from the Qatar Harvey Fund We are grateful for the installation of a new generator, which we hope will allow us to serve the community better, particularly in times of disaster. Most exciting of all is the establishment of a new Repack Room! Built into the inside of our warehouse, the new space has allowed for some significant changes. Now that we have the ability to repackage larger quantities of food, we can secure grains and dried foods in bulk, and can serve more families with healthy, nutritious staples. Large bags of rice and beans can now be repackaged into family size portions for our pantry boxes. We can even create portioned recipes for families!

The addition of the Repack Room means more volunteer opportunities as well! We encourage volunteers to visit the warehouse and help us repackage the food that will go to families. You can sign-up to volunteer at our warehouse or in the garden here. It’s a great way to get involved and see the changes at our Shotwell facility! We are excited to continue growing in this centrally located facility for our service area and see it come to life as the home base for all our work. We hope to see you there soon!

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