Our long-term vision means we use every opportunity to address the root causes of food insecurity, which are tied primarily to intergenerational poverty. That means forging strong connections to other organizations to amplify the impact we can have together, both through our Navigation Services and our innovative partnerships.

Root Cause Partnerships

We have intensive partnerships with several groups to work directly with their clients and assist them in their journey toward a better quality of life. Partners Include:

Houston Health Department’s Community Re-Entry Network. We provide food support for those participating in this excellent program that helps reduce the recidivism rate of people leaving the criminal justice system.

SERJobs. We provide food for SER workers and act as a job training site so select clients can learn warehouse, forklift, and inventory skills.

Urban Enrichment Institute. Food distribution for families in this Fifth Ward program helps to keep at-risk boys in high school.

5th Ward Head Start Program. Food distribution for participants means the entire family, not just infants and toddlers, receive healthy food.

AARP Foundation. Target Hunger has had many workers through AARP and has hired two staff members via this program which helps people age 55+ find work, develop new skills, and build their financial security.

Combined Arms