Target Hunger operated continuously since the pandemic began.

Target Hunger provided food to vulnerable community members including homebound seniors, families whose children were now home from school, those who lost their jobs or whose wages were reduced, and those who did not have resources. Operations were modified to keep appropriate distances and protect everyone’s health and safety.

From March 2020 through June 2021, our operations shifted to ensure the safety of clients, staff, and volunteers during the peak of the pandemic. We served more than 107,000 individuals during this timeframe.

During this time our operations converted to:

Drive-thru Disaster Distributions with food loaded into car trunks for the health and safety of staff, volunteers, and clients. The disaster distributions are scheduled a few times a week throughout the service area and serve up to 300 households at each event.

Home Delivery to Seniors has continued with modification as the driver no longer goes into homes, but rather leaves the food outside the door and contacts the seniors when the food has been delivered. Additionally, Target Hunger has resumed services at a few Senior Day-Sites that have remained open and allow safe delivery.

Navigation Services via Phone Calls was added in response to COVID-19 and the growing isolation experienced by many seniors. Target Hunger has hired a Navigation Specialist who contacts all the seniors by phone and offers friendly, helpful advice about critically needed resources and services.

How can you help?

Target Hunger services are critically needed and the demand is increasing every day. Please consider a one time gift or recurring donation to help at this critical time!

Need Assistance?

Please call our office at (832) 767-1677 or email us at to receive the latest information on community food distributions in your area. You may also contact the following numbers for further information:

Houston Food Bank (832) 369-9390
United Way Helpline 2-1-1
City of Houston COVID-19 Call Center (832) 393-4220