Partnering to End the Root Causes of Hunger

A look at some of our Root Cause Partnerships

Treating the root causes of food insecurity means offering services that go beyond food assistance. It often means helping clients overcome the impact of intergenerational poverty. While our focus is primarily on ending hunger in Houston, we know this is not possible without working to end intergenerational poverty. This is where our Root Cause Partnerships come in.

We at Target Hunger are grateful for the many community partnerships that allow us to better serve the neighborhoods where we work. Community partners offer two major benefits: 1. They allow us to offer services that our organization may not have the capacity to provide on our own, for example Job Trainings or Financial Education. 2. They expand our reach to ensure more people in the community who need food assistance and navigation services have access to these services. We have several community partners that help us not only treat hunger, but also treat the root causes of hunger – you can read more about those partnerships here.

Partnering with HISD Wraparound Services

This week we want to highlight one of those partnerships – Houston Independent School District’s (HISD) Wraparound Services. This

No child should be concerned about where or when their next meal will come. This partnership allows us to provide much needed food to students and their families. Beyond filling hungry tummies, it allows students to have the energy to learn, play, and grow.

amazing HISD department “connects students and their families with community resources that address the non-academic challenges that students face which ultimately impact their ability to learn.” You can read more about the program here. As an HISD Wraparound partner, we have donated food and other items to Scroggins Elementary School, Franklin Elementary School, J.P. Henderson Elementary School, and Raul C. Martinez Elementary School. These schools are located in two of the nine zip codes we serve in northeast Houston.

We could not support programs like HISD Wraparound Services without the assistance of donors. Food and monetary donations allow us to provide assistance to students and their families. These donations allow us to help generations of families work towards a more secure future. You can support us by donating here or by starting your own CANnecting Food Drive!

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