Pantry Box Recipe Challenge

Putting Together Pantry Boxes

Each month, clients in our Pantry Program receive a distribution of nutritious groceries. These boxes include fresh produce, dairy, protein, and shelf-stable products. We provide a range of grocery items that will last for multiple days over the course of the month. Currently, our Pantry Program clients receive these distributions straight to their door!

As we open our regular Pantry programming, clients will also be able to schedule an appointment to pick- up a box – selecting from three menu options for the month. Before the pandemic, most of our pantries were set-up as “choice pantries” or like a small grocery store, which meant that families shopped for their food. We hope to get back to that set-up soon as we begin to resume more normal operations.

This week, we wanted to share a sample menu with you, with a challenge! Using the menu below, we would like to see what recipes you can put together. Are you up for the challenge??

Menu for July


White Onions



Canned Chickpeas


Red Potatoes

2 Gallons of Milk

2 Boxes Crisp Rice Cereal

Canned Green Peas

Grapefruit Juice

Pre-made Homestyle Chili Packs

Pancake Mix

Canned Fruit

Canned Tuna

Tag us in your recipes on social media and yours may be selected to go into the box as a meal inspiration!


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