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Looking Forward to 2022 with the Target Hunger Staff

For some, the beginning of the New Year brings with it a freshness and an opportunity to reset. Though the start of the year is feeling very familiar to the last with COVID cases on the rise again and healthcare workers struggling to provide care, we are looking forward with hope for something different. As we begin the year, we asked Target Hunger staff to share some of their New Year’s resolutions, and they have some great ones:

To start reading more books, at least one book a month! Become more active and go outside more often. Practice more gratitude and meditation. Cook more often again and try new recipes! Focus on things that I love/enjoy doing. Gain more knowledge and grow as a social work professional.

– Yadira Villalta, Outreach Worker

To be outside more and take one hike or ‘super walk’ (over 5 miles) a week. I’m also looking forward to spending more time with family and friends who live outside of Houston.

– Carrie Grzelak, Director of Development

Live a healthier lifestyle, and possibly travel more. Serve and do ministry in church – I’m a strong believer in putting God first, and everything else falling into place! I declare success for Target Hunger in 2022, and I look forward to seeing our Navigation program expand!

– Mildred Reyes, Mobile Services Coordinator

Your Development Team! L to R: Hannah Urie, Sean Nickelberry, Carrie Grzelak

I want to start a morning routine that sets me up for a great day that includes meditation/journaling, yoga, and time outside. I would like to keep my 4.0 GPA in school. Also, I read 32 books in 2021, I want to top that by reading 40 this year! I would also like to start fostering animals, I love volunteering with rescue groups.

– Hannah Urie, Development and Communications Coordinator 

This year I resolve to prioritize self-care, invest in myself by reading and writing more, try to eat healthier, become physically active, and learn how to enjoy and find joy in each day. 😊

– Sean Nickelberry, Volunteer Manager

My New Year’s resolution is to live a life of Wellness and Healing. We have no control over what happens in our lives but we have control over how we deal with it. So I decided this year that I would live a life of Wellness by changing what I put in my body by making healthier food choices and picking up jogging again. Healing for me is to continue my faith journey – asking that higher power for healing and guidance. Or seek counseling, whatever works best for you.

-Rosie Martinez, Program Director

We hope that reading these will provide a sense of hope and inspiration for what this next year could bring. We would also love to hear your own resolutions, so please share them in the comments below! As a team, our goal is to serve the community with compassion. As we work towards our own resolutions for prioritizing health/wellness, we will also work towards bringing that focus to the neighbors we serve. A healthy life is a human right, and food is a major part of that. Here’s to a year of wellness for everyone.

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