Welcome to Hunger Action Month!

A Target Hunger staff member and client after shopping the Mobile Pantry.

Today is September 1st, which officially marks the start of Hunger Action Month! We have been counting down the days for this month-long campaign to raise awareness on food insecurity and hunger in the United States. This month is also an opportunity to promote all of the different ways individuals and organizations can get involved to fight food insecurity. We always say we couldn’t do the work without the dedication of our volunteers and donors, and we mean it! The more we can raise awareness and promote involvement in the issue, the more we can do for the community. Hunger Action Month was started by Feeding America, and is now recognized by food banks and pantries across the country. We are happy to be a part of the fight and share how you can get involved.  

Volunteers weeding a garden bed at our Goffney Garden location.

So, how do you get involved? We have volunteering opportunities at our gardens and our warehouse all month long! Get your hands dirty by helping us weed, harvest, and plant at our Shotwell or Goffney Garden, or come to thewarehouse and help us repackage dry goods and pack pantry boxes. You can also sign up for a CANnecting fundraiser, either virtually or in-person! In-person drives you can collect canned goods and staples to go into pantry boxes, as well as monetary donations. Looking for other ways to get involved or raise awareness? Download our Hunger Action Month Calendar! This calendar features 30 ways to make a difference this month – join us!

Monthly Donations Make a Difference


 Another simple but incredibly effective way you can help in the fight against food

 insecurity is by signing up as a monthly donor – join The Orange Club at Target Hunger! Becoming a recurring monthly donor is great for so many reasons, but here are just a few:

  1. Convenience. You can set-up a recurring donation that happens automatically each month, so you don’t even have to think about it. Choose your amount and know that every month you are making a difference.
  2. Consistency. It provides a consistent income for Target Hunger which allows us to plan long-term and create more life-changing outcomes. Knowing that we have a certain amount coming in monthly makes a big difference in how we can plan for the year. 
  3. Small Donations, Big Impact. Regular, smaller donations often add up over time to a greater total contribution that one-time, larger donations. $20 a month may not seem like a big deal but donating monthly for 5 years will add up to $1,200! You will provide nearly 50 families with almost a week’s supply of food.
  4. Stay Connected & See Impact. Giving monthly means you will also be more in-

    A client picks produce from the Mobile Pantry as part of her shopping for the day.

    tune with what is happening at Target Hunger. Over time, you’ll be able to see the impact your monthly donations will make.

Plus, The Orange Club members will receive a few special perks throughout the year, including special volunteer events and Target Hunger swag! If you sign-up during the month of September, we have a special gift to send to you. Our goal is to have 100 monthly donors by the end of September. If 100 people donate $20 a month, we can feed 1,000 families a year. You can sign-up here to join The Orange Club and make an impact with your monthly donation.

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