2023 Staff Resolutions

Staff at our ’22 Holiday Party

We are excited for the start of the New Year and for the continued opportunity to serve our neighbors in need in Houston. As we reflect on 2022 and look forward to 2023, Target Hunger staff set resolutions for the new year. Read on to see what we’re bringing to 2023 and share your own resolutions with us! 

I just want 2023 to be full of nothing but good changes in every aspect of life.” 

–  Mildred Reyes, Mobile Services Coordinator 

A sample of Klarisa’s art


“This year, I will try to dedicate one day per month to some painting time! Painting has brought me joy since I was a child and it used to be a great pastime of mine, but over the years I’ve lost the hobby. I realize how much I miss it and how much it helped my mental health and self-care to have creative alone time. I’m no Picasso, but it’s a lot of fun! In 2023, I look forward to getting back in touch with my artistic side!” 

– Klarisa Perales, Office Manager 


“My new year resolution is to spend more time outside, whether that means taking my dogs on walks or even doing brunch on the patio. I also want to set up a good skin care routine and be consistent with my sunscreen use. Keeping positive vibes in 2023!” 

– Regina Ferral, Volunteer Manager 


Staff at our ’22 Holiday Party

“Try something new each month. Cook with less meat and focus on more plant-based foods.”

– Carrie Grzelak, Director of Development 


“Go to more concerts and live shows – I love music, art, and theatre and haven’t been able to attend many performances the last few years. I also want to renew my love of cooking by experimenting more with new recipes.” 

– Hannah Urie, Development & Communications Coordinator 

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